A modular, fully-recyclable cat condo that gives back to shelters…


Help put the fun back in funding, Boxes for Happiness gives 25% of profits to animal shelters


Boxes for Happiness began as school project—launching two successful campaigns on Kickstarter in Fall 2018, and Spring 2019. Designed to be simple and easy to put together, the box comes as a three pieces and can be constructed in seconds, ready for your kitty friend to plop themselves down inside.


Who do we support?

Shadow loves sleeping in them, hiding in them, climbing on them and poking her paws through them.
— Carolyn, @catching_shadow
The humans, cats, and dogs in our family really like the boxes!
— Molly Tobias, Kickstarter Backer
These boxes bring out the curiosity and playfulness in our kitties! Being strong enough to withstand our 20+ cats and being environmental friendly, they’re right up our cat alley!
— Jenny, Windy Kittty Cat Cafe

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